Diamonds as reliable investments


Diamonds and other jewelry are always a guarantee of saving money. After all, stones do not change over time, do not lose their appearance, they retain all their advantages for the consumer. Another plus is that diamonds take up very little space. Tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars can easily be placed on your palm. 

Investing in diamonds


Gold becomes cheaper, then more expensive, stock indices fluctuate, currencies are unstable. It's time to draw attention to diamonds.

When the economic situation is unstable, the gems will help save money. Investing in gems is generally considered not to be the most profitable business. But nevertheless, it is a profitable investment.

Diamonds are usually the subject of long-term investment. Experts say this is an investment for several decades.

A unique pink diamond sold for a record amount


A unique 15.35-carat bright pink diamond was sold for 31.6 million US dollars at the Sotheby's auction in Geneva, Switzerland. The cost of the gemstone was a record for all diamonds ever sold in the color "fancy vivid pink".

There was a crypto-currency, provided with diamonds


In the world there was a crypto-currency, provided with diamonds. According to BitGem Asset Management and its parent company Precious Investments, PinkCoin's crypto currency is based on the Ethereum platform and is provided with a fixed asset of colored diamonds.

Russian platform "Voskhod" plans to trade Singapore's cryptocurrency, provided with diamonds


ForkLog magazine was notified by representatives of the Far Eastern investment platform Voskhod that the Diamundi Pte Ltd investment fund from Singapore and the noncommercial partnership of the RTS on October 2 agreed that the D1 Coin crypto currency will be placed and its base asset will be certified diamonds "Alrosa". 

What is blocking, ICO, mining, crypto currency, tokens and smart contracts.


How it works and why it is needed.

The popularity of Bitcoin grows daily. There was probably not a single person left who did not hear about him. And of course, everyone asks themselves what it is and what to do with it, where to buy it, how will this agitation affect life and business?

Crypto-currency Dash is integrated into the online banking platform Wirex


Developers told ForkLog the following news. Everyone knows the online banking platform Wirex and Dash Core have signed a cooperation agreement. Now, the Dash crypto currency will be integrated into Wirex cards. More than 40 million. stores that work with the Visa system will accept payments by the Dash crypto currency. There will also be an opportunity to cash it in 210 countries around the world.

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