Crypto currency forecast: Bitcoin Cash expects significant improvements

Stock Markets Group - Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin Cash has remained steady in the market, with the exception of several trading sessions in January this year. Nevertheless, the rate of crypto currency remains today the most stable in comparison with other altcoins of the first ten.

And as we already wrote earlier, the Bitcoin Cash rate still remains in correlation with Bitcoin. The cost of crypto currency in the average for the first month of January fluctuated within 12% -15% of the BTC rate.

As a rule, every fall or rise in Bitcoin's price of $ 1,000 leads to a deviation of the price of Biktoin Cash in one direction or another by $ 100.

Experts and supporters of BCH believe that Bitcoin Cash will be restored in the near future, which will be facilitated by the support and scaling of the network infrastructure, for example, the forthcoming transformation of BCH accounts into BitPay.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are moving almost the same way today, sharing the network of blockages, in the future it is expected that the first will outstrip the capitalization and the cost of Bitcoin.

Today Bitcoin markets and Bitcoin Cash are divided, respectively, and the capital that is present in the crypto-currencies is different. Demand for BCH is growing due to the fact that owners of crypto-currencies pay a lower commission for transactions in the network. Bitcoin is becoming more expensive both at its market value and in costs when making payments.

The number of transactions in the Bitcoin Cash network continues to grow, while the commission for them remains cheap, and the speed of payments is faster than that of Bitcoin.

Moreover, the BCH developers recently published their road map, which discusses some important improvements that will be implemented over the next six months.

The Bitcoin Cache network can also be improved by increasing the block size and many other functions, such as the Colored coins add-on allowing you to issue corporate coins, bonds, contracts or coupons for discounts. Today, developers from such projects as Bitprim, Nchain, Bitcrust, ElectrumX, Parity and Bitcoin XT are participating in the support of the network, and they are doing everything to support the development of the BCH protocol in the future.

Despite the scandal in December last year, which was closely connected with BCH, investors and speculators continue to invest actively in it, which allows the project to develop and implement new improvements that improve the network.