Bitcoin and ethereum are the most popular crypto currency at the moment.

Bitcoin and ethereum are the most popular crypto currency at the moment. By capitalization, both top the coin rating. Bitcoin takes the first line with a capitalization of $ 191.6 billion, and the second one - with a capitalization of $ 116.7 billion. Both digital currencies are traded and traded on exchanges. They differ in technology and have a positive correlation with each other. Hence the question arises: which coin is better to invest in order to earn more?

To answer it, you need to look at the chart of the pair BTC / ETH. He will show us the relationship between bitcoin and ether.

Despite rally bitcoin at the end of 2017, it was possible to leave the air on December 7. According to the technical analysis, the "bearish" signal on the daytime period was formed on December 12. For the time being, with the fall of bitcoin, you could save and increase your capital.

Last year, on December 7 Bitcoin cost Bitbinex $ 16,609, and on January 29, 2018 it costs $ 11,133. Bitcoin has fallen in price against the dollar by 32.9%. The ethereum cost $ 415 on December 7, and $ 1081.44 on January 29. The ether has risen in price by 181.44%.

To learn how to read crosses and timely redirect money from one currency to another, it is necessary to impose BTC / USD and ETH / USD on the BTC / ETH schedule. When you combine the three graphs, you will understand how to interpret the cross.

The BTC / ETH pair is 23 hours in a sideways trend with a range of 9.4 and 9.73 ETH. What does it mean? The BTC / USD and ETH / USD pairs move in the same direction with approximately the same speed. At the moment they are declining. Since BTC / ETH is at the lower boundary of the channel, it means that bitcoin loses in price faster than the air.

Under the forecast, I expect that the price will come out of the range down and fall to 9.10 with an intermediate target of 9.34. With the fall of the pair BTC / ETH, both currencies can both grow and fall. For us, a decrease in the rate of BTC / ETH with a decrease in two pairs will mean that bitcoin depreciates faster than the air, with growth - the air rises in price faster than bitcoin. Use crosses and correlations to analyze the situation on the market.